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Heya! I'm looking for an illustrator for the rest of the Dream Traveler Series.

Dream Traveler Series is an adventurous children's book series that encourages imagination and creativity. In this series a boy travels around the world to experience life across the globe. This happens at night when everyone’s sleeping. Is he really traveling, or does he have a bright imagination?

Dream Traveler Africa was illustrated by a Laguna College of Art and Design student and published in 2012. I published it under Year of the Dragon Publishing. The book was a great success, but I had no marketing or business experience at the time. Since then I’ve taken classes and I’ve learned a lot. I’m ready to pick up where I left off and continue the series and I’m looking for a committed, hard-working artist to join me on this journey.

I want an artist who can commit to a book series: to produce two illustrations a month with a short break between books. If it’s a current student we’ll take the two months of finals off and have a leeway for summer or winter vacations.

I’d like the style to match closely to the first book. Ryan Wardlow said his style is a mixture of charcoal and oil paint mostly. He used chalk brushes to smooth over edges, light opacity in the background, and said the style is easy to copy. Below are copyrighted llustrations from DTA.

I’d like the artists considering the job to know that it’s a collaboration project. I have ideas about what I want, but I also care about their ideas and have a system in place that will also allow their artistic freedom.

The second book in the series is Dream Traveler South America. The book is written and laid out on my office wall just waiting to be illustrated.

I’d like to begin as soon as possible. If you’re interested in the job please contact me at and include samples/portfolio of your work.

Thanks for your consideration,

Stacey Gates


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